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Finding and searching for White Collar Fanfiction / Stories and themed recommendations.
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This is a community where you can post all of your White Collar related fanworkk searches and themed story recommendations. We accept any pairing: gen/het/slash.

If you are new to the community, please take a few moments to read the community rules, and posting guidelines.


This community is only for fanwork (i.e. fanfiction, fanvids, fanart) searches. You can also ask for story recommendations based on a specific theme or genre.

RPS/RPF searches and themed recs are allowed as well.

Be as specific as possible in your description of the fic you're looking for. Use an lj-cut if your description is very long.

Tag your search, this makes it easier for others who are searching for similar fics to find it! If you need a specific tag, let the mod know and it will be created.

If your story is found: MARK IT AS "FOUND" IN THE HEADER!

Questions? Want to affiliate?

PM the moderator (bellajayd).

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