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Pre-Series story

I am looking for a pre-series story where Elizabeth is kidnapped and by chance Neal is robbing the warehouse where she is being kept. It has been years since I've read it, but I still remember how much I enjoyed it.

Lives Up To It

I'm looking for fics where Neal truly lives up to his reputation - it was a bit annoying in canon and in some fics where Neal is so easily caught out/caught off guard or needs help for something he really shouldn't.

He is one of the most accomplished gentleman thief/conman out there and he's actually able to do something to show it that doesn't end with Peter threatening him with handcuffs or Diana being condescending.

I'd actually prefer if Peter actually believed in him when others didn't, like a proud papa/partner.

His language skills, his escape artist skills, anything that shows how Neal managed to build such a reputation and have people studying his crimes - that shows that despite Peter managing to take him down there's still an unknown amount of crimes Neal got away with/was never suspected for.

Nothing with rape/sexual assault of any kind. No OT3 or major Elizabeth involvement. (Nothing against the character, love her in canon, but she's like the Hermione of the WC-Fandom where she can do no wrong, everyone loves her even the bad guys, and without her the boys wouldn't even be able to go to the bathroom without her help.)

Neal has one bullet and three options/ FOUND

Hello everybody,
I cannot find this story anywhere. Does it sound familiar to any of you? Peter and Neal are checking out a warehouse when they are taken prisoners by a bad guy and his crew. Peter gets shot and the two are locked in a meat locker(?). The bad guy leaves Neal a gun with one bullet telling him no one will find them for weeks or months. He tells Neal he can put Peter out of his misery or shoot himself instead of slowly starving to death. The bad guys take off and Neal tries to figure out how to get help for Peter. He finally decides to summon help by shooting his tracker off. Before passing out from his own injury, he writes the bad guy's car tag on the floor in his own blood. Is this ringing any bells? Any help would be appreciated.

Neal's mouth sewn shut

Hi everyone, I remember reading a fanfic in which the baddie is a lady from Scandinavian country and when Neal was captured she sewn Neal's lips shut as inspired by Norse mythology. Neal was rescued but lost his voice for a while. By the end of the story Neal got his voice back in an emergency situation when he had to call out for Peter. Does anyone know this fic or have a copy of it? Thank you!!

Roach Motel

I read this pic a million years ago and I am desperately looking to find it again.

Neal is borrowed by DC and they treat him like crap. I think at one point he gets raped. They put him into a roach motel and reduced his radius. All together he is just being abused.

Any help is appreciated!
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Hungry Neal

Looking for a fic when Neal is first let out of prison and Burke sets Neal up at that sleazy hotel. Neal gets a stipend from the FBI, but it all goes to pay for the room. He doesn't have any money for food or clothes. I think Neal eats food at the FBI when there's group food, like when somebody brings in a batch of muffins, otherwise he goes hungry. Burke doesn't think about Neal's food situation and I think it's Diana that brings it up.

Or it might be Neal isn't at the sleazy hotel, but at June's. He eats breakfast with June, but doesn't want to impose any more on her, so that's the only meal he has.

Thanks for any help.

Found by kanarek13
Working Lunch by Mojave Dragonfly

Neal lives at Burke's

I swear I read this story once, but I can't find it. For some reason Neal ends up having to live at the Burke's townhouse with them. It wasn't sexual in nature - he was just in the guest room. I believe it was on a more permanent basis - at least for his sentence. I'd appreciate help finding it!

Neal is a child, taken in by Peter and Elizabeth

Okay, so this fic I read years ago and being the smart person I am, didn't bookmark it. Basically thie fics has Neal as a child who lives with his mum. I remember a part where they're shopping and she tells him to hold a can and walk out of the store with it. Another scene is where they're in their flat, and she sees something out the window and tells Neal ti hise and that it's a game and he can have anything he wants if he wins. When he is adopted(?) by the Burkes he draws a missing poster for his mum. 

If anyone can tell me what fic this is I will be so gratefull. If it helps I bleieve it was on

Fic about "The Rules"

Hi, does anyone remember a story where Neal watches over a badly injured Peter with Elizabeth and he won't let anyone treat his own injuries. He's upset because Peter being injured is against the rules.Elizabeth tells him how important he is to them.Hope someone knows, I can't find it anywhere!